Sunday, 11 January 2009

As a newbie to scrapbooking I was asking a professional (pinkladymel) how she organises all of her bits and bobs. She was kind enough to publish loads of pictures on her blog showing how she organises everything. I thought I would post a picture of my scrapbooking stash which is hidden behind my couch in the lounge. At the bottom left is a box full of K and co embellishments, and above that is a load of flowers that have just been stuffed in little pots. Then in the middle is a load of old shoe boxes which have got all the bits in that I haven't been bothered to put anywhere else. Then to the right is my collection of pizza boxes that house all of my 12x12 papers and every time I go to pick one up loads of bits fall out. It doesn't look it but its really dark behind there so most of the time I can't find anything.


  1. YAY you got a blog!!!

    I am not a professional, what are you like :) Did you know I love 'take on me' as well but my all-time favourite has to be 'True' by Spandau Ballet (of course) :)

    Your layout is gorgeous and I love the way you have co-ordinated the flower with the paper colours. The way you scrap says a lot about the person you are and these pages are for your children so that one day when you are no longer around to tell the story.. they can flick through and see exactly what mommy was like. Just do them the way YOU want and let everyone else worry about their own.. which I know you do xx

    Love your scrap secret stash. It is a bit like mine.. an organised mess.. but I know where everything is in my mess!

  2. Love your page it is really nice :) welcome to the world of blogging !!