Wednesday, 29 February 2012


  I know I haven't been around for ages but family life has got in the way of my blogging and craftingMy little princess Tilly is just a monthish from being 1 - I can't believe it - the months have flown by!!!  She's just started walking - she looks adorable wobbling about!

Elliot has grown too - he's 2 1/2 now - he is obsessed with dogs and crawls about the house barking!

  Since I've been away from blogland I've developed a new addiction - felt!!!  I love how simple it is to create cute things with no sewing skills whatsoever!!  Anyway I thought I'd show you a few of my makes!

  This is a cute little owl that I made for my Mum for xmas.  The pattern came from this great book - its got loads of ideas for xmas makes - they're releasing a second book in June and I've already pre-ordered it!

Here is another xmas decoration that I made - the pattern is from the same book as the owl.

And here is my scary zombie - I got the pattern for him from this fab book.

I also stitched some felt flowers and layered them to use for the centrepiece of a card:


  1. Lovely to see you posting Mel, gorgeous kiddies cant believe Tilly is nearly one!!! Loving your felt makes too the zombie is brilliant xx

  2. Nice to see you back. Beautiful children. Your owl is way too cute! I've got the zombie book and am ashamed to say I've only made the duck thus far! :/

    Claire x

  3. Gorgeous kids can't believe how quick the time has gone glad your ok. Love the felt zombie.
    Jenny x

  4. I was thinking about you the other day ... nearly a year since I had my op so knew it was almost Tillys birthday!! Great to see you posting, and fab makes, i love your little owl! x

  5. The kids look gorgeous, I love the rabbit costume.. that's got to be worth a scrapbook layout?! EARS!! What beautiful kids, doesn't Tilly just look adorable? I'm waking Gabe up typing now so i'll speak more tomorrow ;)

    P.S The felting is freaking awesome.. you're a cow.. a talented cow.

  6. So sorry I am late commenting, life keeps getting in the way of being able to keep up to date with blogland :-(
    Your kiddies look adorable and those felt creations are stunning. Hope you are keeping well xxx

  7. Hello I'm another who's only just caught up with your blog. Sorry. What gorgeous children & so grown. Love your sewing, so neat x